25 Maret, 2009

Anne Ahira and Internet Marketing

Anne Ahira and Internet Marketing, is two things that can't be separated. In global, her name is famous as a practition of IM (Internet Marketing). In her countrys, she is not only knewn as a practition which can resulting million hundreds in a month, but also a great pattern. With Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center (Asian Brain IMC) Ahira to consider thousands of Indonesian peoples that can resulting million hundreds from online business. What is her steps? How can Ahira reach her dreams? Is it true that she found a track to reach Business Revolution we wanted?

It has been two years Ahira to set Asian Brain IMC, and has a lot of great talented students. There is one thing that makes she surprised, when one of her students which has been learning IM in Asian Brain IMC give his business username to her to show what he has learned is really happen. He proving to Ahira that he has an income 500 million rupiahs in a month!

A lot of people asked, are all of Ahira students has an income like that? Of course not. Not to mention 1 US$,website don't have it to. But, after she knew there are students has been succeed, she is more enthusiastic to share knowledge. She wants to share a lof of knowledge about IM to all peoples. This things what makes she to push more dilligent and to know what can she do for Indonesian peoples.

Ahira prediction that in two years later it will born students which has a big income. With the opened of Asian Brain IMC, in fact she has a lot of competitors which has an income million hundreds in a month, and she is very proud with that. Who is not happy if our students succeed?
This is what makes she more enthusiastic and planning if Asian Brain IMC become the first Online School in Indonesia, a school that can be accessed universal for employee, housewife, college students that want to build entrepreneurship in Indonesia widely.

Nowadays, we can see school for children is just a formality, not to get skilled. Ahira wants students in Asian Brain IMC, first, to be a knowledge worker, she drive them can create oppurtunity. Second, She will push them can manage themself, not only a human with worker typical, but also to be a businessman, because if we doesn't studying we can do nothing. That Mindset what she taught in Asian Brain IMC.

She will teach it more private. In Asian Brain IMC she is not teaching IM only. Now, there is one training she will teach to her students,that is "Flying High". Flying High training is not connected with IM, but what people think how to fly to get optimal result used "Psychological Technic". Thats what she will teach to her students in Asian Brain IMC. Change Mindset which depend on what people think how they should do if they want succeed in business. So far IM modules has been added knowledge about mindset, but now she will give it private how to get Indonesian peoples Flying High.

Flying High training is very important. Online business is nothing. If someone has got "Flying High" training from her, it's easy what do you want to be. "Flying High" is a thinking how people reach his or her succeeded. Don't look something with the wrong side. This wrong side is not look from the human self, but from business side. A lof peoples come to her websites, ask from office telephone. They were asked is there any guarantee if studying in Asian Brain IMC? Or a question could they got succeeded if study in Asian Brain IMC? That's it, this "Flying High" training held so there is no question likes up there? We teach them to thinking adult. When we out of money, our hearts, our minds, is ready. Because this is business! We must take it and understand.

She hope that every students have a self-gevernment spirit and know that online business is a process, not a quick rich method. She didn't say if online business is a best business, because online business not for every people too. But online business can produce a potential think for entrepreneurs.

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  1. Sudah pernah mebacanya lewat postingan email dari seorang teman...

  2. itu aku translate ke bahasa inggris, ketik ulang & ringkas diambil dari majalah wirausaha dan keuangan(WK)

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